Think Animation! Think Tulus Fikir!

          Welcome! Tulus Fikir Animation House is a 3D animation production company, specializing in producing animated content for broadcast, corporate and commercial projects. We offer quality animation products through various ideas of colourful, fun, adventure and turning still life into animated and cartoon series.

mscA MSC Malaysia-status company, Tulus Fikir Animation House is located at Section 13 Shah Alam, Selangor, MALAYSIA.

          Established in 2006, Tulus Fikir Animation owns the worldwide distribution rights for Haiya BidDoa, a 3D animated children program, which is currently being aired daily on TV Al-Hijrah, Malaysia’s free-to-air Islamic TV network and now on IPTV located at the Saskatoon, SK Canada. The Haiya BidDoa, a doa in a capsule animation program is the first of its kind in Malaysia where it encourages and educates the young muslims to practice daily doa as a way of life. The response towards this program has been encouraging and to date, it has been distributed to countries outside Malaysia namely Indonesia, Turki, Lebanon and MENA Region.

         In line with our objective to promote the program locally, Tulus Fikir has taken another step by printing a series of Haiya BidDoa books in Bahasa Malaysia using high quality paper for children’s ease of reading. The books and DVDs are already out in the market. In the recent years, we have also produced a number of quality 3D animated productions for international companies.

           As we strive to produce unique, creative contents and quality children education in our productions, we will continue to instill positive moral values and good behavior (akhlak) among the young muslims in our products Tulus Fikir Animation is now looking abroad for JVs, co-production or outsourced projects with potential partners who share the same vision with us.