We have a total of 144 episodes ready for sales.

Haiya BidDoa 1′ x 60 eps [HD PAL]
Frog World 30′ x 26 eps [SD PAL]
Kuntum & Friends 30′ x 52 eps [SD PAL]
Seri Budi Emas 30′ x 13 eps [SD PAL]
Semangat Tuah 30′ x 39 eps [HD PAL]
Puteri Hang Li Po 30′ x 13 eps [HD PAL]
Geng Sekolah 30′ x 26 eps [HD PAL]

Our products have been aired in Malaysia and Singapore. And a few middle east countries.

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Latest Update!!!

Haiya BidDoa Sesson 1 now on IPTV