Haiya BidDoa

Title: Haiya Bid Doa (Let’s Make Doa)
Type: 3D Animation
Genre: Edutainment
Language: Arab / Malay / English
Target Audience: 4 to 9 years old
Length: 1 minute x 60 eps
Format : HD PAL 
Release Date : 2012 / 2014

doa in a capsule – a clever creation by Tulus Fikir Animation has captured the interest and attention of Muslim children and parents.

Tulus Fikir Animation, an animation production house established in 2006, and now a finalist in the 2011 NEF-AWANI ICT Awards for the Best Animation category, has produced one-minute capsules targeting the young and teaching them a doa or prayer for every possible occasion.

 Every single one of the 60 episodes of Haiya BidDoa 3D animated capsules contains a different doa which children can easily pick up and remember. To help them are two lovable animated characters named Habib and Zara.

 We have focused on doa because this is important for children. And we have done the doa (prayers) in capsules which can be slipped in between programmes so that children, and their parents, are reminded again and again of these various doa

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*at the moment, apps are only available in Bahasa Melayu, English and Arabic Language