Spirit Of Tuah

Title: Semangat Tuah
Type: 3D Animation
Genre: Entertainment
Language: Malay
Target Audience: 4 to 9 years old
Length: 30 minutes x 26 eps
Format : PAL DV/HD
Release Date : 2012

Semangat Tuah brings audience back to 15th Century Malacca Sultanate Era. Visually! Story wise, Semangat Tuah renders around 5 friends in their home town living their daily lives. Each episodes is a teaches a Malay proverb and the story line will define and explain the meaning.

The story of Tuah, his best friend Jebat and their clicks Lekir, Lekiu and Kasturi is also about friendship and trust.

Now In Progress Next 13 Episode on (Season 3). Available in HD Format