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Haiya BidDoa Now Available on MuslimKids TV


The new 3D series on Muslim Kids TV seems simple enough. Haiya BidDoa translates to come and learn duah. The series definitely teaches duah. It is also a whole lot more!

In one minute children are taught a duah applicable to everyday life. Also packed into that one-minute are wonderfully entertaining stories full of life lessons.

The 30 part series follows a young family. It is a mixed culture marriage. Hasen is the Sudanese father who is working and living in Malaysia. He has married Nourul a Malaysian woman. They have two wonderful children – Habib a 6-year-old boy and his sister Zara who is five-years-old.

In each episode Habib and Zara learn the benefit of asking Allah Subhanah wa Ta’ala to help them with everyday tasks and challenges.

The series helps teach our own children, and reminds us as adults, about the importance of constantly remembering Allah SWT.


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